18 Things to Remember

Here are 18 things to remember in 2018: Keeping yourself motivated to do things is hard, but not impossible. When you catch yourself being too negative about yourself or someone else, stop. Try to always be mindful of how you act, speak and the words that you use. Listen to music whenever you feel like … Continue reading 18 Things to Remember

18 Things Love is

Here are 18 things love is for me in 2018: Love is more than just the need to protect and make another person happy. Love is knowing where to draw the lines in order to benefit both parties. Love is more than just the excitement you feel when you see your partner's face. Love is … Continue reading 18 Things Love is

A Work in Progress

Today is only the 2nd of January and this year has already provided me with the most mentally grueling experiences I have ever had to overcome and accept. This year my main goal is to finally come to terms with being less emotionally dependent on other people for my happiness and my general will to … Continue reading A Work in Progress