I'm afraid of pushing myself too hard, however at the same time I'm equally afraid of not putting in my best work effort. In the end, I push myself too hard anyway.   xx Solaris Denali

Brick Wall

A haiku; Brick Wall by Solaris Denali Brick by brick, I build Small little sunflowers bloom, Shrouded in darkness. It pains me, you see Yet no text nor call received. I peek, plead for you. You do not hear me Or perhaps you do, liar. Brick by brick, I build.   I like poetry. What … Continue reading Brick Wall


Living is polar because energies tend to be unequally distributed. People are mostly positive energies that attract negative. That is life to me. We are like protons encircled by electrons whilst clumped clumsily with neutrons. We are the building blocks to something much larger and more selfless than our individual selves. We are who we … Continue reading Avete!


Tomorrow marks a new academic year. Player One, are you ready? - No?  Oh, that might be because the game was already over before you even signed up. It's time to press the big ol' "refresh" button on my A'Level life. It's been a pretty unproductive gap year in my opinion. I feel very unaccomplished … Continue reading Paratus

Bits of You

A poem:- Bits of You by Solaris Denali I see bits of you in the books that I read The people that we could be The places that we could go Together, in the pages of the stories I get reminded of your past loves and crushes In the poetry that I read In the … Continue reading Bits of You