Twitter Poetry

Back with a bunch of new poems! Twitter saw them first ngl. A Poem by Solaris Denali Every time I think I'm doing better without you, you come out of nowhere and remind me of your existence. Make me doubt every decision I've made in my life and then disappear off with somebody else. Then … Continue reading Twitter Poetry

Faceless, but Titled

I might not be trying as hard as everybody expects me to be. I might not seem like I'm trying at all, but I swear to you that even when I'm lying stagnant and staring at the ceiling, oh hell. I am trying my hardest not to lose any more control over my own life. … Continue reading Faceless, but Titled

18 Things Love is

Here are 18 things love is for me in 2018: Love is more than just the need to protect and make another person happy. Love is knowing where to draw the lines in order to benefit both parties. Love is more than just the excitement you feel when you see your partner's face. Love is … Continue reading 18 Things Love is

Brick Wall

A haiku; Brick Wall by Solaris Denali Brick by brick, I build Small little sunflowers bloom, Shrouded in darkness. It pains me, you see Yet no text nor call received. I peek, plead for you. You do not hear me Or perhaps you do, liar. Brick by brick, I build.   I like poetry. What … Continue reading Brick Wall

How to change for the better and be happier

Remember that you don't have to solve everything and fight by yourself. There will always be people who do genuinely care about you even if you don't feel it. Their ways of helping might not suit you, but it doesn't mean that they do not care. Just tell them what you think you need and if talking to them still doesn't seem to help, please consider seeing somebody more qualified to support you. Don't allow yourself to be comfortable with being sad. You deserve so much more than just pain and tears, you deserve more than just feeling numb and empty. Human emotion is meant to be felt.

A Work in Progress

Today is only the 2nd of January and this year has already provided me with the most mentally grueling experiences I have ever had to overcome and accept. This year my main goal is to finally come to terms with being less emotionally dependent on other people for my happiness and my general will to … Continue reading A Work in Progress

Crowded Desolation

I sit still and watch as my desolation grows. The cacophony of mumbling voices surrounding me are like the sound of a sputtering car engine, loud and unpleasant. I hear whispers of conversations, the repeating words of "she-", "she-", "she-". "She's always with him." The hissing sounds of snakes, snakes, snakes. I don't know who … Continue reading Crowded Desolation

Red Herring

"Solaris, it's okay. Everything is fine." I wish it is as easy to feel okay as it is as easy to say it. It's okay. It's okay. But I am still not okay. I'm okay. I'm okay. But why do I still feel like I'm drowning, even though it might be less so. It's not … Continue reading Red Herring

Gone Astray

I face my empty palms upwards and clench them slowly. I don't know what it is about life that is so ambiguous and scary. Perhaps it is life himself as a whole. I close my eyes and I wonder. What would it be like living as somebody else? Would I be happier or would I … Continue reading Gone Astray

Echo Firestorm

In the centre of the dead calm sea, I am a firestorm. Taking in large currents of air with each breath, I draw it into the roaring blaze of my heart causing it burn ever more fiercely. I sing along to the music surrounding me. With a heart wrenching cry, I belt the chorus full … Continue reading Echo Firestorm