Gone Astray

I face my empty palms upwards and clench them slowly. I don't know what it is about life that is so ambiguous and scary. Perhaps it is life himself as a whole. I close my eyes and I wonder. What would it be like living as somebody else? Would I be happier or would I … Continue reading Gone Astray

I, Wonder

It's been a while since I've posted anything regularly. I have drafts that aren't ready to be published yet, and drafts that just can't. So here's an honest and spontaneous piece of writing for a change. Excuse me if this post is all over the place. The problem with me isn't that I don't have … Continue reading I, Wonder

Rise and Shine, Ascend

"And then she wakes up to a life she did not wish to have." The problem with most of humanity is the fact that nobody is truly aware of the things that they do. The consequences that their actions will cause others in the future. Somehow, everybody thinks that living is all just a silly … Continue reading Rise and Shine, Ascend

Political Correctness with a Scatter-brained Fool

I hate the idea of always having to be politically correct. If everybody was so afraid of speaking their minds, important topics would never end up being discussed. Even finding close friends who would be comfortable enough to talk openly about political, social and religious issues with you is difficult in this current version of … Continue reading Political Correctness with a Scatter-brained Fool

Religious Beliefs and Where I Stand

My parents warned me not to get too opinionated on the internet; especially not on topics like religion and politics. They even tried to talk me out of blogging, said it might bring me more trouble than joy. Yet, today I scrolled through my reader and came across a multitude of blog posts devoted to … Continue reading Religious Beliefs and Where I Stand