Words on Paper

A poem; Words on Paper by Solaris Denali I try to make art out of literary standards and words. Blue for sadness, green for envy, red for blood and pain. People get too caught up in the ideas of poems and their stanzas, their structure, and form. Their rhyme and rhythm. There is a bird … Continue reading Words on Paper


A poem:- Masochist by Solaris Denali I am a true masochist, because I always go back to the things that hurt me. Not just the person, but the memories, the words, the numbers, the statistics, the everything. And I will not stop even when my chest constricts, my airways tighten, my heart grips tighter. The … Continue reading Masochist

Red Herring

"Solaris, it's okay. Everything is fine." I wish it is as easy to feel okay as it is as easy to say it. It's okay. It's okay. But I am still not okay. I'm okay. I'm okay. But why do I still feel like I'm drowning, even though it might be less so. It's not … Continue reading Red Herring

Poetic Fallacy

A poem:- Poetic Fallacy by Solaris Denali Your body is a temple, they say, But I am a faceless god Rigid in every way Unfaithful, a skeptical fraud. I am a vessel, empty and hollow Strong and beautiful, with The undoubted ability to follow An abyssal void and trifling pith. My structure stands upright, A … Continue reading Poetic Fallacy