Brick Wall

A haiku; Brick Wall by Solaris Denali Brick by brick, I build Small little sunflowers bloom, Shrouded in darkness. It pains me, you see Yet no text nor call received. I peek, plead for you. You do not hear me Or perhaps you do, liar. Brick by brick, I build.   I like poetry. What … Continue reading Brick Wall

Poetic Fallacy

A poem:- Poetic Fallacy by Solaris Denali Your body is a temple, they say, But I am a faceless god Rigid in every way Unfaithful, a skeptical fraud. I am a vessel, empty and hollow Strong and beautiful, with The undoubted ability to follow An abyssal void and trifling pith. My structure stands upright, A … Continue reading Poetic Fallacy

Redemption of Liberty

I walk out towards the beach. To take a small personal glimpse into the lives I see other people happily living. I take off my shoes and the fine grains are like fire underneath my feet. Those infinite minute particles, meaningless on their own, together retains much of the scalding heat within their scarce mass. I … Continue reading Redemption of Liberty

Bits of You

A poem:- Bits of You by Solaris Denali I see bits of you in the books that I read The people that we could be The places that we could go Together, in the pages of the stories I get reminded of your past loves and crushes In the poetry that I read In the … Continue reading Bits of You

Rough Diamonds

A haiku:- Rough Diamonds by Solaris Denali She walks without end, Alone and apprehensive. Five hundred clocks tick. Sounds merge together, The forest becomes one tree. The world turns blurry. Voices keep talking, Mountains crumble silently. The world spirals still. She covers her ears, Wishing for someone to help. All hope vanishing. She closes her … Continue reading Rough Diamonds

Lasting Serendipity

 A poem:- Lasting Serendipity by Solaris Denali You are my serendipity. The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Neither of us foresaw this future. Nothing about us came anticipated, everything was just a beautiful surprise. A pattern in hundreds of permutations and algorithms.    I didn't know you … Continue reading Lasting Serendipity

02 | Our Tangled Intersection

[Part Two] "Promise me, Nerea. Promise me that you'd take better care of yourself." he watched me from across the table whilst he bore holes into my skull. I smiled at his worried expression and chuckled, trying to relieve the tension evident in his furrowed brows and tight shoulders. "I promise, Mio. I promise to … Continue reading 02 | Our Tangled Intersection

01 | Our Tangled Intersection

[ Part One ] It started out just the same as any other day. The bitter scrutiny of myself that was probably insurmountable even by religious rituals or faith. The constant melancholic feeling that refused to recede from my chest. Everything was familiar to me, nothing too cumbersome for somebody as herculean as I. Or … Continue reading 01 | Our Tangled Intersection

00 | Our Tangled Intersection

◤ OUR TANGLED INTERSECTION ◥ August 12th, 1:36PM He doesn't give me butterflies in my abdomen, he gives me butterflies in my chest and where my heart is supposed to be. It spreads like icy wildfire, with a lightness in its searing cold flames that flutters slightly in the void of emptiness inside of me. It makes … Continue reading 00 | Our Tangled Intersection