Back from the Dead

The thing about social media is that anybody can see what you say and post online. People who don't know you well enough will look at your social media and assume they know who you are as a person. But to be honest, most of us are still figuring that out for ourselves. Truth is, … Continue reading Back from the Dead

Growing Up and Changing

When I was younger I used to be such a maths and science person. But as I grew older, I've started to look at life and the reasons for living. Now I think I've transitioned into somebody more than just maths formulas and Biology definitions. I look at life through a lens that not many … Continue reading Growing Up and Changing

The Truth about The Illusion of Time

To me, there is no such thing as past or future. There is only the present moment of now. The past is only created in your head because human beings have the cognitive ability to remember past events and facts. The future is only created in your head through your expectations of life and where … Continue reading The Truth about The Illusion of Time

Be Yourself

This post really speaks to me, so I decided to share it here too. I hope you enjoy it! Reblogged from The Wallflower Project. Here is the thing, in life you do not owe anybody an explanation. In life, people change all the time. Your belief sets can change. Your mindset can change. Your perspective … Continue reading Be Yourself

Faceless, but Titled

I might not be trying as hard as everybody expects me to be. I might not seem like I'm trying at all, but I swear to you that even when I'm lying stagnant and staring at the ceiling, oh hell. I am trying my hardest not to lose any more control over my own life. … Continue reading Faceless, but Titled

Curious Calamity

It started out with a space documentary. And then another, and another. And another. My love for science and astronomy grew. Then it grew into quantum physics. And biology and geography. Even architecture and religion. Everything fascinated me. When I was still active in church, it wasn't the religious belief that brought me in. It … Continue reading Curious Calamity

Four Solaris Gap & Writing

There's this international essay contest that I'm interested in writing for, but haven't actually gotten around to. The date line for submission is in three days, and I haven't started writing anything. In fact, I have absolutely no clue what to write about. So to help me get into the proper writing zone and hopefully … Continue reading Four Solaris Gap & Writing

Three Solaris Gap & Sixth Form

I've been putting off this blog post for far too long, so let's just quickly get to the point. I opted to go to school during my putative gap year, thus unfortunately making it not very gap-like anymore. I don't like to think of this decision as a lost of my freedom, because I merely … Continue reading Three Solaris Gap & Sixth Form

Religious Beliefs and Where I Stand

My parents warned me not to get too opinionated on the internet; especially not on topics like religion and politics. They even tried to talk me out of blogging, said it might bring me more trouble than joy. Yet, today I scrolled through my reader and came across a multitude of blog posts devoted to … Continue reading Religious Beliefs and Where I Stand

Awakening Heartlines

Happiness is just a series of chemical reactions in your brain activated by the secretion of feel good hormones. Anything could be able to trigger the secretion of those hormones and the possibilities are endless. From listening to your favourite song, to coming home to your pet dog, or to having your significant other beside … Continue reading Awakening Heartlines