I'm afraid of pushing myself too hard, however at the same time I'm equally afraid of not putting in my best work effort. In the end, I push myself too hard anyway.   xx Solaris Denali

Trying my Best

I think even though people have been increasingly more open and honest about mental health, there's still a little bit of stigma over it. People just don't say what they really want to say in front of an audience because that would mean leaving yourself vulnerable to strangers. So instead they close off and only … Continue reading Trying my Best

18 reminders on how to love

You will always be your own priority. You do things for yourself, nobody else can do things for you. You will always be with yourself, you can never expect somebody else to stay for long. Rely on yourself first and be independent and then you will finally be happy. Do the things that you want to … Continue reading 18 reminders on how to love

Depression is a Loaded Gun

Hi, guys. I just wanted to share this post (written by Derek Powazek, the link is at the end of this post) with everybody because I feel like there is something in here that we could all learn from. I think this alternate analogy of what depression really is might help others define what their … Continue reading Depression is a Loaded Gun

18 Things Love is

Here are 18 things love is for me in 2018: Love is more than just the need to protect and make another person happy. Love is knowing where to draw the lines in order to benefit both parties. Love is more than just the excitement you feel when you see your partner's face. Love is … Continue reading 18 Things Love is

How to change for the better and be happier

Remember that you don't have to solve everything and fight by yourself. There will always be people who do genuinely care about you even if you don't feel it. Their ways of helping might not suit you, but it doesn't mean that they do not care. Just tell them what you think you need and if talking to them still doesn't seem to help, please consider seeing somebody more qualified to support you. Don't allow yourself to be comfortable with being sad. You deserve so much more than just pain and tears, you deserve more than just feeling numb and empty. Human emotion is meant to be felt.

Crowded Desolation

I sit still and watch as my desolation grows. The cacophony of mumbling voices surrounding me are like the sound of a sputtering car engine, loud and unpleasant. I hear whispers of conversations, the repeating words of "she-", "she-", "she-". "She's always with him." The hissing sounds of snakes, snakes, snakes. I don't know who … Continue reading Crowded Desolation

Non Believer

A poem:- Non Believer by Solaris Denali Even in the anonymity of your soul you still feel too exposed. You want people to listen and understand yet the things you want to say are everything you want to keep under the wraps and unknown. They tell you that they know how you feel and you … Continue reading Non Believer