Back from the Dead

The thing about social media is that anybody can see what you say and post online. People who don't know you well enough will look at your social media and assume they know who you are as a person. But to be honest, most of us are still figuring that out for ourselves. Truth is, … Continue reading Back from the Dead

Context of Love

Here's the thing about the context of love: It's like a river that flows through your veins, providing your soul with warmth and comfort. Love is what makes you patient and forgiving: It's introspective and personal, Like the giggles you share with your lover in bed. Here's the thing about the context of love: It's … Continue reading Context of Love

Twitter Poetry

Back with a bunch of new poems! Twitter saw them first ngl. A Poem by Solaris Denali Every time I think I'm doing better without you, you come out of nowhere and remind me of your existence. Make me doubt every decision I've made in my life and then disappear off with somebody else. Then … Continue reading Twitter Poetry

Review | The Awakening

We study "The Awakening" as a core text for English Literature. The short version of the novel is that Edna realises she cannot be fully herself while being in a relationship and loving somebody. The novel is set in 19th century America, where women are looked at as their husband's possessions and nothing more. They … Continue reading Review | The Awakening

Words on Paper

A poem; Words on Paper by Solaris Denali I try to make art out of literary standards and words. Blue for sadness, green for envy, red for blood and pain. People get too caught up in the ideas of poems and their stanzas, their structure, and form. Their rhyme and rhythm. There is a bird … Continue reading Words on Paper

Poetic Fallacy

A poem:- Poetic Fallacy by Solaris Denali Your body is a temple, they say, But I am a faceless god Rigid in every way Unfaithful, a skeptical fraud. I am a vessel, empty and hollow Strong and beautiful, with The undoubted ability to follow An abyssal void and trifling pith. My structure stands upright, A … Continue reading Poetic Fallacy

Living Epistles

The thing about our modern society is that everybody is just too hung up on what other people think of them. We shape ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally into the moulds we think people would like. We restrict and restrain who we really are into such a small confined space that only a handful of … Continue reading Living Epistles

Fall Apart

A poem:- Fall Apart by Solaris Denali You speak to me as if The world owes you an Apology for allowing you To be born. You speak as if the truth Will always be the words That come out of your mouth But none from mine. I can not help but wonder If I would … Continue reading Fall Apart

Bits of You

A poem:- Bits of You by Solaris Denali I see bits of you in the books that I read The people that we could be The places that we could go Together, in the pages of the stories I get reminded of your past loves and crushes In the poetry that I read In the … Continue reading Bits of You

Rough Diamonds

A haiku:- Rough Diamonds by Solaris Denali She walks without end, Alone and apprehensive. Five hundred clocks tick. Sounds merge together, The forest becomes one tree. The world turns blurry. Voices keep talking, Mountains crumble silently. The world spirals still. She covers her ears, Wishing for someone to help. All hope vanishing. She closes her … Continue reading Rough Diamonds