Where We Belong

A poem:- WHERE WE BELONG BY SOLARIS DENALI You made me feel comfort in places where I think there shouldn't have been. You showed me all the things that I should be looking for and cherishing. You taught me bits of myself that I had to come to terms with and love. I made you … Continue reading Where We Belong


I think the worse thing about needing a group of people for moral support is when you realise that people only do it because they pity you and not because they really care. I mean, do they really? Or are they just functioning on the belief that they should be the ones doing something for … Continue reading Hamartia

The Truth about The Illusion of Time

To me, there is no such thing as past or future. There is only the present moment of now. The past is only created in your head because human beings have the cognitive ability to remember past events and facts. The future is only created in your head through your expectations of life and where … Continue reading The Truth about The Illusion of Time

Brick Wall

A haiku; Brick Wall by Solaris Denali Brick by brick, I build Small little sunflowers bloom, Shrouded in darkness. It pains me, you see Yet no text nor call received. I peek, plead for you. You do not hear me Or perhaps you do, liar. Brick by brick, I build.   I like poetry. What … Continue reading Brick Wall

Political Correctness with a Scatter-brained Fool

I hate the idea of always having to be politically correct. If everybody was so afraid of speaking their minds, important topics would never end up being discussed. Even finding close friends who would be comfortable enough to talk openly about political, social and religious issues with you is difficult in this current version of … Continue reading Political Correctness with a Scatter-brained Fool