I am Free

One day when I am older, I will be able to be true to myself. I will be able to live for myself. I will be able to love myself for myself. One day when I am older, I will be able to surrender myself to the way of the world without getting lost or … Continue reading I am Free

Redemption of Liberty

I walk out towards the beach. To take a small personal glimpse into the lives I see other people happily living. I take off my shoes and the fine grains are like fire underneath my feet. Those infinite minute particles, meaningless on their own, together retains much of the scalding heat within their scarce mass. I … Continue reading Redemption of Liberty

I, Wonder

It's been a while since I've posted anything regularly. I have drafts that aren't ready to be published yet, and drafts that just can't. So here's an honest and spontaneous piece of writing for a change. Excuse me if this post is all over the place. The problem with me isn't that I don't have … Continue reading I, Wonder