Context of Love

Here's the thing about the context of love: It's like a river that flows through your veins, providing your soul with warmth and comfort. Love is what makes you patient and forgiving: It's introspective and personal, Like the giggles you share with your lover in bed. Here's the thing about the context of love: It's … Continue reading Context of Love

Growing Up and Changing

When I was younger I used to be such a maths and science person. But as I grew older, I've started to look at life and the reasons for living. Now I think I've transitioned into somebody more than just maths formulas and Biology definitions. I look at life through a lens that not many … Continue reading Growing Up and Changing

Rough Diamonds

A haiku:- Rough Diamonds by Solaris Denali She walks without end, Alone and apprehensive. Five hundred clocks tick. Sounds merge together, The forest becomes one tree. The world turns blurry. Voices keep talking, Mountains crumble silently. The world spirals still. She covers her ears, Wishing for someone to help. All hope vanishing. She closes her … Continue reading Rough Diamonds

Lasting Serendipity

 A poem:- Lasting Serendipity by Solaris Denali You are my serendipity. The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Neither of us foresaw this future. Nothing about us came anticipated, everything was just a beautiful surprise. A pattern in hundreds of permutations and algorithms.    I didn't know you … Continue reading Lasting Serendipity