Context of Love

Here's the thing about the context of love: It's like a river that flows through your veins, providing your soul with warmth and comfort. Love is what makes you patient and forgiving: It's introspective and personal, Like the giggles you share with your lover in bed. Here's the thing about the context of love: It's … Continue reading Context of Love

Where We Belong

A poem:- WHERE WE BELONG BY SOLARIS DENALI You made me feel comfort in places where I think there shouldn't have been. You showed me all the things that I should be looking for and cherishing. You taught me bits of myself that I had to come to terms with and love. I made you … Continue reading Where We Belong

Behind you

Do you know that gut-wrenching pain that you get when you see the back of the person you once loved and admired so dearly? He walks down the street in front of you, and all you can think about are those moments before when you used to walk down the same street together. Why did … Continue reading Behind you