Where We Belong

A poem:- WHERE WE BELONG BY SOLARIS DENALI You made me feel comfort in places where I think there shouldn't have been. You showed me all the things that I should be looking for and cherishing. You taught me bits of myself that I had to come to terms with and love. I made you … Continue reading Where We Belong

Growing Up and Changing

When I was younger I used to be such a maths and science person. But as I grew older, I've started to look at life and the reasons for living. Now I think I've transitioned into somebody more than just maths formulas and Biology definitions. I look at life through a lens that not many … Continue reading Growing Up and Changing

Same old

I don't think I remember the last time I did something engaging and stimulating for my brain during my own free time. To be honest, I can't even figure out what exactly I do at my leisure. Do I even have time? I probably do but just lack the will and motivation to do anything with … Continue reading Same old

Life Advice | Hack Your Mind

I feel like everybody needs to put aside 16 minutes of their time to watch this video. It's so inspiring and it applies to everything from tackling depression, your own limits, memory, and bad habits. I think everybody can learn something from this video. And his analogy about being your own superhero is so relatable, … Continue reading Life Advice | Hack Your Mind

Fall Apart

A poem:- Fall Apart by Solaris Denali You speak to me as if The world owes you an Apology for allowing you To be born. You speak as if the truth Will always be the words That come out of your mouth But none from mine. I can not help but wonder If I would … Continue reading Fall Apart