I want to be with you and be happy with you. But it's hard when I can barely be happy with myself for five mere minutes. I've realised that my currently planned future is not going to lead me to fulfilling my passions in life. It's going to be really hard, but whose life isn't? … Continue reading You

Four Solaris Gap & Writing

There's this international essay contest that I'm interested in writing for, but haven't actually gotten around to. The date line for submission is in three days, and I haven't started writing anything. In fact, I have absolutely no clue what to write about. So to help me get into the proper writing zone and hopefully … Continue reading Four Solaris Gap & Writing

Three Solaris Gap & Sixth Form

I've been putting off this blog post for far too long, so let's just quickly get to the point. I opted to go to school during my putative gap year, thus unfortunately making it not very gap-like anymore. I don't like to think of this decision as a lost of my freedom, because I merely … Continue reading Three Solaris Gap & Sixth Form

Two Solaris Gap & Gap Years

To anybody who has ever thought that having a gap year would be fun, you were wrong. Especially if you were born to a pair of very strict and protective parents, and have friends who never bother to invite you anywhere fun. Huh? What? I mean, if you were born with the tendency to be … Continue reading Two Solaris Gap & Gap Years

One Solaris Gap & Law Firms

Two months ago, I had written a letter into the law firm that my mother and sister spend most of their days slaving for. I grew up knowing almost everybody in the office and the staff there weren't just staff to me. They were almost a part of my extended family, if I do say … Continue reading One Solaris Gap & Law Firms