In what circumstances should abortion be permitted and why?

This was the first essay that I had written in preparation for my Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT).

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Abortion has been a topic of consideration in many recent political campaigns and motions. This has been due to society’s inability to reach an agreement on its legality and permissibility within social and religious contexts. It is a common belief within monotheistic religions such as Islam and Christianity that abortion is a sin as it is ultimately the ending of a life. Many religious individuals may even go as far as to consider it a ‘murder’, and arguably the act of having an abortion does involve the two key elements of murder which are mens rea, the intention to kill and actus reus, the act of killing.

However, going into the technicalities of whether not or abortion could be considered as murder will be too complicated because it will depend entirely on the individual situation and the facts of the case. Was the abortion performed by the mother…

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