Back from the Dead

The thing about social media is that anybody can see what you say and post online. People who don't know you well enough will look at your social media and assume they know who you are as a person. But to be honest, most of us are still figuring that out for ourselves. Truth is, … Continue reading Back from the Dead

Hold onto me

Hold onto me. Because I never wanted to let you go. Hold onto me. Because I never wanted to say goodbye. Would you be able to love me like this again? When we were both still pure and innocent. When our love made the world go round. When you gave me a reason to live. … Continue reading Hold onto me

The Truth about The Illusion of Time

To me, there is no such thing as past or future. There is only the present moment of now. The past is only created in your head because human beings have the cognitive ability to remember past events and facts. The future is only created in your head through your expectations of life and where … Continue reading The Truth about The Illusion of Time

Crowded Desolation

I sit still and watch as my desolation grows. The cacophony of mumbling voices surrounding me are like the sound of a sputtering car engine, loud and unpleasant. I hear whispers of conversations, the repeating words of "she-", "she-", "she-". "She's always with him." The hissing sounds of snakes, snakes, snakes. I don't know who … Continue reading Crowded Desolation

Red Herring

"Solaris, it's okay. Everything is fine." I wish it is as easy to feel okay as it is as easy to say it. It's okay. It's okay. But I am still not okay. I'm okay. I'm okay. But why do I still feel like I'm drowning, even though it might be less so. It's not … Continue reading Red Herring

Gone Astray

I face my empty palms upwards and clench them slowly. I don't know what it is about life that is so ambiguous and scary. Perhaps it is life himself as a whole. I close my eyes and I wonder. What would it be like living as somebody else? Would I be happier or would I … Continue reading Gone Astray

Living Epistles

The thing about our modern society is that everybody is just too hung up on what other people think of them. We shape ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally into the moulds we think people would like. We restrict and restrain who we really are into such a small confined space that only a handful of … Continue reading Living Epistles

Redemption of Liberty

I walk out towards the beach. To take a small personal glimpse into the lives I see other people happily living. I take off my shoes and the fine grains are like fire underneath my feet. Those infinite minute particles, meaningless on their own, together retains much of the scalding heat within their scarce mass. I … Continue reading Redemption of Liberty