Words on Paper

A poem;

Words on Paper

by Solaris Denali
I try to make art out of literary standards and words.
Blue for sadness, green for envy, red for blood and pain.
People get too caught up in the ideas of poems and
their stanzas, their structure, and form. Their rhyme and rhythm.

There is a bird in the sky, flying high. So sure of itself. 
It flies with its back up against the clouds, the wind in its beak, 
ruffling through its feathers and so there is freedom in its wings. 
You seem like that bird to me, so far and out of reach yet so calming. 
So tranquil. You take things in stride and live life to its fullest. 
You fly when you want to fly. Spread your wings and lift off when you 
want to lift off. You migrate when the time comes, you know when the 
time comes. You move, you're always moving. But is it really freedom 
in your wings or are you just moving because it is in your nature to. 

What is nature? What is anything when time is relative to where you stand. 
We see the same things in five hundred different perspectives. Slow, fast, 
crippling fast, crippling slow. I see you in the sky, in beauty. But yet 
you see yourself in chains, bounded by things you cannot control. By the 
environment, by nature, by the things around you. You are an astronaut, 
floating in space with a professional purpose in your bones
but a lack of personal purpose in your soul. You float, we think in grace. 
You float, but yourself think in shame, in disgrace. In suffoca-

Hello, this might seem a little weird and believe me, it really is a little weird, but this form of poetry was inspired by the movie “Paterson”. I just felt like it’s been a while since I posted so I got onto my laptop and spent about ten minutes writing this poem. It’s supposed to celebrate art and poetry that you just feel more than understand. The poems in the movie are more towards a little mundane, but that just isn’t for me and I think that shows in my writing.

I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day or rest of it. 🙂


xx Solaris Denali


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