Depression is a Loaded Gun

Hi, guys. I just wanted to share this post (written by Derek Powazek, the link is at the end of this post) with everybody because I feel like there is something in here that we could all learn from.

I think this alternate analogy of what depression really is might help others define what their own depression feels like to them. And maybe once you acknowledge and define what it is for you, you get to strip it away of its power and influence over you. Not everything, but just a little bit. Just enough to make you realise that maybe you do have a say in a little bit of what goes on in your life.

Remember that just a little bit can make a huge difference.

“Depression is not a shadow looming above your shoulders, or a snake coiling around your ankle. It is like a loaded gun.”

You have a say in whether you want to leave your depression unattended and continue to haunt you, or look at it straight in the eyes and figure out ways to cope with it instead of running away and giving up your power. It would still be dangerous, but if you handle it with care then it wouldn’t be as dangerous as before.

To those of you who don’t suffer from depression, just remember those periods of grief and sadness or your occasional depressive episodes, are normal and everybody goes through something similar at some point in their own lives.

Defining them and taking back your control over your lives will lessen the likelihood of them ending up crippling you and destroying your lives further.


My depression is like that gun. You can’t leave it on the table unattended. If you do, someone will get hurt. Probably me, but maybe somebody else.

The gun must be cared for. Taken apart, pieces examined, cleaned, and put back together. If I ignore it, it will become unstable. More dangerous.

You never, ever point a gun at someone else unless you intend to use it. This is a reminder that the people around me aren’t responsible for my depression. They’re not the cause of it, or the solution to it. Never point it at them.

There are times when a gun is a tool you need to use for a job. My depression can be like that. I visualize pointing my depression at things. Things I need to do. Using that dark energy to accomplish something light.

But most importantly, I must consciously choose to point the gun at something. Every day. If I don’t, it’ll wind up pointed at me…

via Depression is a Loaded Gun — Derek Powazek

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