Tomorrow marks a new academic year. Player One, are you ready?

– No?

 Oh, that might be because the game was already over before you even signed up.

It’s time to press the big ol’ “refresh” button on my A’Level life. It’s been a pretty unproductive gap year in my opinion. I feel very unaccomplished and heavy.

You would think that with all the free time that I had, I would have done all the things that I wanted to do with my life. But no, I did the bare minimum and maybe even less than that.

Like I said before, I’d be taking an AS Level paper this year as a private candidate and between you and me, I have hardly done any revision for it so far. I have about two more months until it’s time to take the first paper. And honestly, I really need to get my life together and stat.

The one thing that I would be looking forward to in going to school, is the opportunity to force myself to take better care of my mental and physical health. It’s very important, did you know?

This year feels like a dream. A massive blurry patch in my seventeen years of being alive.

But well… happy studying everybody!

xx Solaris Denali

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