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My name is Solaris Denali. A sixteen year old cinnamon roll (as of April 2016) who is forever too lazy to be any productive. I’m a teenage pacifist and a bibliophilic aesthete who can’t act, dance or blow bubblegum to save my life. Also slightly neurotic and a little bit cheeky; which is just a nicer way of calling myself retarded. 

Helping people has quickly become one of my passions in life and it is certainly not a side-effect from modern-day coercion.

As a bright youth of my beautiful Southeast Asian monarchy, I find myself spending most of my time obsessing over fictional characters and my amateur Instagram feed. All jokes aside, I am also one of the many individuals suffering from chronic inertia. Many times, a good book and a cup of steaming hot tea is all I need in life to be content.

The one thing that challenges me the most as a person is the ability (or lack of) to incorporate my ideas and incessant thoughts into clear coherent words; in both speaking and writing. I am an extrovert by nature but sometimes an introvert by choice. Just a regular teenager looking for my place in this perpetually growing wildfire of a society.

| A B O U T   F O X S P A C E |

F O X S P A C E hopes to inspire others to lead a better life through the use of poetry, storytelling and ultimately the voice of an adolescent. It is a personal lifestyle blog that focuses on a variety of themes through quirky anecdotes and retellings.

This blog also includes book and movie reviews that I feel have morals and learning outcomes. F O X S P A C E has a mission to raise awareness to certain problems through the eyes of society’s future. It is about time for people to be allowed to speak and not get judged for merely using the voice that they were given.

Allow truth to resonate in your bones and veracity to echo.

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 If you want to quote anything from my posts, please give proper disclaimers, citations and a link to my blog.

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