Living is polar because energies tend to be unequally distributed. People are mostly positive energies that attract negative. That is life to me.

We are like protons encircled by electrons whilst clumped clumsily with neutrons.

We are the building blocks to something much larger and more selfless than our individual selves. We are who we let ourselves become, not necessarily just who we are. We are how we live and how we treat other people in our lives. We are how we treat ourselves.



It is mostly when you’re up at midnight trying so desperately to fall asleep when your mind suddenly decides to think of every sort of possible outcome or situation in your near future, when your mind spontaneously decides to be poetic, when you think of the stars outside your house and the sparkles in your lover’s eyes. It is on those nights when you’re forced to count down the hours to when you would have to wake up early in the morning and face a new day, when your mind just starts to race and buzz with incessant noises. It is during those times when all you want to do is stop thinking; maybe just for a moment or a couple of hours.

Then once you finally get the time to actually spend writing something up, your midnight thoughts are suddenly unreachable in the depths of your mind.
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Echo Firestorm

Echo Firestorm

In the centre of the dead calm sea, I am a firestorm.

Taking in large currents of air with each breath, I draw it into the roaring blaze of my heart causing it burn ever more fiercely.

I sing along to the music surrounding me. With a heart wrenching cry, I belt the chorus full of emotion. Tears threaten to spill over my lashes, and I squeeze my eyes shut. Hitting all the notes and trills with pride.

But something inside of me suddenly breaks and I allow my legs to give out beneath me, falling sideways onto my bed. Still singing, my voice breaks and I start crying.

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Redemption of Liberty

Redemption of Liberty

I walk out towards the beach. To take a small personal glimpse into the lives I see other people happily living. I take off my shoes and the fine grains are like fire underneath my feet. Those infinite minute particles, meaningless on their own, together retains much of the scalding heat within their scarce mass.

I put my shoes back on and I continue to walk. I am here, I think to myself. The sand slowly starts getting into my shoes, just like how I feared they would. My sleeveless dress is nothing in comparison to the relentless rays coming from the centre of our solar system, I am vulnerable here and without much protection.

Out here it’s just me and nature. It protects me, yet haunts me. With every step that I take, I pull more sand into my shoes. I am getting closer to the water now. I am living the life other people live. I am out of my house, in the world and alive. Yet, why am I still alone?

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First Love Hurts

First Love Hurts

Seconds blur into minutes, and minutes into hours. 

I slowly follow the rivers of blue veins on the inside of my wrist with a sleepy gaze. My eyes periodically focusing and unfocusing on my empty palms whilst my chest rises and falls in tune with the placid rhythm of my solitary heartbeat.

On these days, I am forced to silently and regrettably admit in shame the amount of time that I really spend patiently waiting for you instead of living my own life.

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